Guild of the Dungeon Masters

Wizards of the Coast decided to create its very own surface for D&D fans all aroud the world to create, upload and sell their very own materials for their beloved game, the Dungeon Masters Guild. Personally, I welcomed this initiative, although for me it’s quite clear, that WotC will win the most with it, but hey, finally the fans and aspiring living room authors (myself included) have their shot at making their very own published adventure and maybe get a little renown without having to worry about getting scolded for using official, copyrighted materials.

I won’t go into details about the pros and cons about joining this community and publishing here, since I didn’t delve too deep enough into this topic and I think it’s still to early to get anything else than impressions about it. I will try and summarize what this opportunity means to me, what my concerns or aspirations would be if I ever decided to publish and upload any materials to the Dungeon Masters Guild, which I am really tempted with.

I think as an amateur writer and DM, this would be an ideal opportunity to just try and see where I would be at if I uploaded one of my own ideas for a huge community to see. I think there would be at least a few people who would download this material and hopefully be nice enough to rate it. A few sentences of feedback would be great as well, to see if there was something in particular which they liked/disliked. Also I wouldn’t dare to ask for money and set a price for my very first “product”. I would just set the “pay what you want” option and be done with it, and just feel honored if someone eventually decided to pay for it. So altogether the Dungeon Masters Guild would be the perfect place for me to try my wings at designing adventures, backgrounds, etc.

At first I don’t think I would have too much concerns. Okay, people can plunder my ideas, use them as they wish, but as an amateur it would be more of a compliment than a nuisance if I saw any of my ideas reappear in a different context. Also, WotC would take half of the money I could get for my beautiful PDFs. But again, as an amateur, who has a job and takes role playing as a hobby so far, it isn’t that much of a problem. I would be surprised if I got any money from “pay what you want” anyway! Of course, if I were a publisher or someone who makes a living from RPGs (not too many of those out there I believe), I would definitely think otherwise.

To summarize, as someone who enjoys coming up with new adventures, writing a bit for himself and just loves do dive into the fantasy world from time to time, this new opportunity would be one of the best to see whether I write as good as I think, or have good enough ideas, to get other people’s attention. All this a hypothesis for the time being of course, but hey, who knows where life takes me?