Pillars of Eternity: Eposide 1 – A roleplayer’s walkthrough

Last weekend I gave a second chance to Pillars of Eternity, which was annonced as a spiritual successor to the Baldur’s Gate Saga, my all-time favourite. On the first try I wasn’t really engaged, I didn’t really find the atmosphere which I was looking for, there were many minor things which just made me rather install Baldur’s Gate and play that one again instead. Now that I ran out of games I wanted to play in my free time I decided to try PoE once again. After several hours of playing I can say that this time I got hooked and hope to go on and finish the game in the upcoming weeks, being a casual PC gamer and having not that much time. So it will definitely take weeks. Months, maybe.

So, just for fun, I decided to write my first walkthrough ever. It won’t be an all-around, thorough guide however, I won’t be going into metagame and character builds. I will try and write a walkthrough from my character’s point of view, like a story being told by him. He is a human Wizard with the Aristocrat background, called Frengard. I will be probably leaving some things out, writing the posts from memory, also probably having made some far from ideal choices in the game. So this will be only a casual roleplayer’s try at his first walkthrough of a PC game. But before beginning, I should definitely say: SPOILERS AHEAD! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

“I guess I had been looking for an opportunity like this for a while now. To escape my family, leave behind this hornet’s nest for good. It took me only an hour to pack my bag, say a cold goodbye to my parents and siblings and join the caravan to Gilded Vale as a settler. I knew nothing about farming or braving the wilderness before, but I could still learn those I thought. Everything was better than staying.

I quickly reconsidered this thought on the way. A sudden sickness struck me and I felt like my intestines were burning, cold sweat covering my forehead. I had to ask the caravan master to make a stop so I could compose myself a little. He suggested I looked for Springberries and drink them as tea. He even ordered one of the caravan guards, Calisca to help me find them. It didn’t take too long, all we had to do now is to look for Sparfel, he should have come back by now. We found the waterskin, but the man was nowhere to be seen. We heard a rustling sound from the bushes and we saw Sparfel stumbling forward, then falling over, an arrow sticking out from his back. ‘Ambush!’ – Calisca cried out, axe already in hand. She engaged one of the ruffians in melee that left me with the archer to deal with. I froze for a brief moment as we locked eyes. It was the first time I had to defend myself by killing someone. I instinctively swung my wand at him the same moment he raised his bow. The bright burst of magic energy lit the clearing, and after my vision cleared I saw my attacker on his back, his leather jerking still smoldering. I felt a hand on my shoulder. ‘We should head back to camp’ – Calisca said.

We encountered more bandits, they looked more like tribesmen, their face paint indicated the Glanfathan. We arrived to a massacre, the people I travelled with lying dead around the campfire. Their leader was just about to murder the last of them, the merchant, Heodan. I did my best to buy some time with talking and managed to contradict the chief in his faith just enough for Heodan to deliver a sucker punch and break free. Calisca and Heodan fought the tribesmen with weapons, and I felt I needed to contribute as well, so pushed my thumbs together, fingers spread apart like fans and recited the magical formula of the Fan of Flames. The fire engulfed our enemies, and the smell of burnt flesh and fur filled the air.

As we were standing above the corpses of our foes I felt the wind beginning to stir. It was an eerie, strange breeze at first, but shortly stronger gusts followed. We ran for the nearby ruins to find shelter against this storm which people called a ‘biawac’. As we were making our way towards the enterance Heodan was attacked by one of the injured Glanfathan feigning death. I didn’t hesitate and knocked him back with an energy blast, granting the merchant the opportunity to break away. Just as we got inside the safety of the ruins the enterance collapsed behind us.

We stood there for a minute in shocked silence, it was Calisca who broke the trance, nudging us to move on. Although we were all winded, we pushed on, determined to find an exit. We found some leftover supplies and we stumbled upon a starved and sick xaurip. I took pity on the little fellow and gave him some skuldr meat, he was happily munching on it for minutes. There was an old carving in the wall covered in black ooze, and as I restored its sight by placing the gem I found in the empty eye socket a secret room opened. After defeating the black ooze guarding it, we found a magical cloak inside, which would prove valuable in the coming battles. In the eastern corridor Calisca pushed hard on the crumbling wall until it gave way and after killing some skuldr we finally saw natural light coming from an archway. The spiders living in the last room couldn’t stop us from escaping this sorry place, and we left the ruins behind us, relatively intact.

I wished we never did though, after what I saw upon looking around and noticing an old monument just a couple dozen yards in front of us…”

To be continued…


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