Just unwrapped – Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls

A long, long time ago (in August 2013) I backed the Kickstarter campaign of Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls by Richard Loomis. Honestly, at that time I didn’t know anything about this RPG and never played any previous editions before. Up till today I still just got impressions of the game, I wanted to get to know this RPG as I receive the book and read it through.

Finally, after waiting more than 2 years I received my package with all the goodies inside. At the backer level of $28 (plus postage) I got the softcover book of Deluxe T&T, plus some cool little things, like an official pencil, some printed character sheets, a nice poster of the City of Terrors, a deck of cards with the logos of the vendors from the 2014 Origin Game Fair, and also a poster of the Fellowship of the Troll.

The softcover book itself is huge. To tell the truth, I’m not too satisfied with the quality of the binding, this kind of books usually falls apart after a little intensive reading. Still, I hope it will last and I will try to be as gentle as possible with it. The whole rulebook feels so old-school upon reading, which is amazing I think. Mostly it’s because of the artwork of course, Liz Danforth did an amazing job with the illustrations, and there are some colored pages as a bonus as well. The style of drawing reminds me a bit of the first RPG I ever played when I was about 14… Good old days!

After the first quick read-through the rules seem really straightforward and easy to apply, I hope to run a test-adventure in a month or two to try the system. It seems like a great RPG for one-shot adventrues, but if I wanted a campaign I would probably go with another system and setting. Still, Trollworld seems so original and vivid that from time to time I would love to get the rulebook out and take my friends to such a rich world ripe with adventure. Also I will definitely try one of the solo adventures by myelf to see how it goes, I think it will be something like reading a Fighting Fantasy book.

Altogether I think I got a really nice game, it was worth backing this project and I hope I will be able to run a few adventures on Trollworld for my friends. It wasn’t an easy project for the Fellowship of the Troll as I read from the updates, they had some major setbacks, but in the end, everything turned out to be well, and that’s what really matters!


4 thoughts on “Just unwrapped – Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls

  1. Thanks for Supporting the Kickstarter and being patient on the long journey to completion. Keep us posted on how your gaming goes and most of all – enjoy it!

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    1. Thank you Steve, I will do my best to find the time for some great adventures on Trollworld! It was a project worth waiting for, thank you for taking your time and delivering such a nice game to the backers!


  2. Glad to hear it finally reached your hands, and that your initial reactions are good! I know we made an effort to get good solid printing and binding, but only time will tell for certain. I look forward to hearing how your adventures go — may they all be memorable!

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    1. Thank you very much for the kind words Liz! I hope time will prove me wrong and the binding will be solid! 🙂 I loved the paper of the pages, really good quality, and your illustrations really brought some nostalgy into my evening, I love these kinds of artworks, thank you for all the time and effort you put into them!


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