Rappan Athuk II. – This level stinks!

Finally we managed to hold our second session of Rappan Athuk, the party managed to explore the first level of the dungeon before deciding to head back to Holden and rest for a day or two.

This is what happened on the very first level of the dungeon:

  • As the odors of the level struck him, Nim had to step back a bit and get rid of his breakfast discreetly
  • The party disappointedly acknowledged that there is almost nothing left to plunder in the first few rooms, although Father Magnus found some alms among the bones
  • The priest was adamant on purging this place and burned the bones and rotting coffins they found as they advanced from room to room
  • Galidian searched every inch of the dungeon for secret doors and traps, and his efforts paid off, he found the collapsing staircase, the enterance to the latrines and also a secret door to some loot and an overly excited ghast
  •  They found the “legendary” dung monster in the latrine (where else?), after a couple of unsuccesful attempts to find its weakness, the party decided just to take the needed sample and make a run for it. Fortunately Dungie was busy munching on Malakai’s spare hand axe and didn’t pursue
  • Two wererats, Fiilaar and Jarvik were waiting for them with their giant rat minions just before the stairs down to the second level, but all of them perished against the fierce warriors and the magic of Father Magnus and Nim. Victory came at a price though, Malakai got cursed with lycanthropy, but Galidian and Nim found the hoard of the wererats, most of which they kept for themselves
  • The party decided to call it a day and returned to Holden to collect the reward for the dung sample, Galidian managed to negotiate 4 healing potions out from the alchemist
  • He also paid Rex the remaining 30 gold they owed him… in coppers
  • Malakai headed to the shrine of Tymora to get the curse removed. The priest agreed to free the dwarf from lycanthropy, but only if he vowed to recover the bones and shield of Saracek, one of the greatest paladins of Tymora. Malakai agreed and was bound to this quest before the altar of Lady Luck

Loot: 3151 cp, 901 sp, 143 gp, an broken ivory statue of a horse (worth 25 gp), a scroll of Counterspell, Helm of Comprehending Languages, Lesser Robe of Blending, 2 vials of purple worm poison

The DM’s note: I descaled the strength of encounters and made less wandering monster checks than it was recommended in the adventure, since I wanted to get on faster with the exploration of Rappan Athuk and rather had my players enjoy the unique features of the dungeon and let them roleplay. With this I made the place a lot less deadly, but that’s something I can live with, we all had good fun, and that’s what matters. My players are rather cautious, which is great, since they could have died still, despite the fewer dangers. Of course, the lower levels will challenge them more than this one…


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