Rappan Athuk I. – Rex, the henchman shines

I have been waiting to DM Rappan Athuk for a couple of years now. I have descended there as a player occasionally but it always fascinated me to just let my players loose in a nice, old-school megadungeon. So, just before leaving year 2015 behind, I managed to start this grand adventure with four players. The brave adventurers are:

  • Galidian, the elf rogue
  • Malakai, the dwarf fighter
  • Father Magnus, the human cleric of life
  • Nim, the gnome evoker

Although Rappan Athuk (Reloaded) is designed for the 3.5 version of D&D, we decided to go with the 5th edition instead. Fortunately it didn’t take much effort to convert the stats of the monsters, and character generation went pretty fast.

The party can recruit some henchmen, who have morale depending on the charisma of their employer, and also affected by the time he spent with the party and the way he is treated.  The henchmen are always half the party’s level and get half the experience from combat. They may agree to being paid a sum of money or they can ask for a share of the loot, e.g. a wizard can ask for some spell scrolls.

So this is what happened during the first session in bullet points:

  • The party hired a henchman in the small town of Holden, Rex, who so far showed he was worth his money
  • They also took on the noble quest of getting a sample from the dung monster lurking beneath the mausoleum
  • Galidian found his own headstone and freshly dug grave in the sunken graveyard
  • The adventurers bravely fought four gargoyles who surprised them at the enterance of the mausoleum. Rex scored crit after crit, to Malakai’s great surprise
  • Galidian decided to pocket the eyes of a gargoyle, two gems radiating evil
  • The elf also opened the steel doors of the mausoleum with the magic key he found in the base of a dwarf statue
  • Curiosity got he best of the thief and with the help of his comrades opened the sarcophagus in the big chamber, waking the black skeleton resting inside, but Rex was there again to help
  • Finally they descended down the stairs behind a secret door and arrived to the first level of Rappan Athuk and almost threw up because of the smell which greeted them

Loot: 2 gems radiating evil (500 gp each)



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